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2023 Plus Four

£79,950 GBP

Quick Overview

Model: Plus Four

Mileage: 800

Year: 2023

Engine: BMW B48 1,998 cc (2020 to Present)

Colour: Crayon Grey

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2023 Morgan Plus Four Auto

Porsche Crayon with Dark Brown leather and Black Box Weave carpets, Tawny Ash Veneer and Black Mohair Hood.


·       Aircon

·       Passenger tunnel pocket

·       Heated Seats

·       Morgan Logo on Headrests

·       Matte Painted Body Colour Dash

·       Bluetooth speaker

·       Union Badges in Black

·       Black Stone Guard

·       Polished Grille

·       Clear Lenses

·       Side screen bag

·       Hood Cover

·       Battery Conditioner

·       15” Silver Alloy wheels

Peerless attention to detail, highly skilled artisans, the highest quality materials, today’s Morgan sports cars represent a unique mix of traditional craftsmanship and the latest in vehicle technology.

Light on its feet and super nimble, the new Morgan Plus Four uses Morgan’s new bonded aluminium ‘CX’ platform and  around 97 per cent of its components are new.

Fitted with a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged (BMW) engine, double wishbone suspension all round and a more commodious interior with such wizardry as automatic headlights, central locking, puddle lighting and a Bluetooth connection.

Whereas before a select group bought a Morgan because they wanted to be different, to revel in its overtly old-school character and let everyone know that technology was spoiling all the fun, the new Plus Four casts its net a little wider. By keeping the yesteryear design, the analogue nature, the full wind-in-your-handlebar-moustache experience, but tightening up the driving experience to the point where this is a genuine sports car and competitor to high profile offerings from Porsche , Lotus and Caterham.

Throw back the roof and hang your elbow out over the thoughtfully padded door and all is forgiven. In a two-seater roadster every journey should be a special event. In the Plus Four, it is.

·       Engine: BMW 2.0-litre TwinPower Turbo, inline four-cylinder

·       Gearbox: 8 Speed Auto

·       Maximum power: 255 bhp

·       Maximum torque: 258 lb ft (350 Nm)

·       Acceleration:  0 – 62  5.2 seconds

·       Top speed: 149 mph

800 miles.  Available for immediate delivery.

2023 – Plus Four – 9897